Intelligent online exam preparation platform

An online examination preparation platform is built to help students and teachers easily create and take tests.

Benefits - What is exclusive to TopExam?

With diverse and rich data sources...

  • Daily practice. Provides daily refreshed practice test sets according to each student's level.
  • Stressful challenge. Provides live challenges with high difficulty and competitiveness.
  • Get right roadmap. Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide accurate routes based on the information and practice of students.

Solutions - Solve real-world problems with technological

We have analyzed common problems encountered in the learning and exam preparation process of students and used a combination of the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve those problems perfectly.

  • Test management. Provides solutions for managing exams and organizing effective online exams for examiners.
  • Submission Evaluation. Collect data from student exams to generate detailed relevant statistics.
  • Score management. Provides solutions related to digitizing real-world exams, including efficient test management and automated grading deployment.

Achievements - The accomplishments our platform has achieved

Affirming the position of the platform through the numbers don't lie since its establishment until now.

Test takers
Test writers

TopExam is an excellent online practice exam platform! I have used it during my exam preparation and found it to be extremely helpful in solidifying my knowledge and improving my test-taking skills. The AI-powered feature allows for personalized test creation, while providing instant feedback to identify my strengths and weaknesses.

Sam Nguyen
Sam NguyenTeacher

I am truly impressed with TopExam! The user-friendly interface makes for a great online learning experience. I can easily create and take tests according to my needs, and receive recommended study materials to enhance my performance. It is a valuable tool for exam preparation.

Felix Nguyen
Felix NguyenEngineer

I have found TopExam to be a reliable companion throughout my exam preparation journey. The personalization feature allows me to focus on areas that need improvement, and the simulation of real exams helps me acclimate to the pressure and requirements of the actual test. I am highly satisfied with the results and support provided by TopExam.

Finn Nguyen
Finn NguyenStudent

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