About TopExam - A story of ideas and building a platform

Felix Nguyen - Founder of an online examination preparation platform called TopExam.

When he was in school, he always looked for online exam preparation platforms to prepare for important exams for himself such as the National High School Exam, English exams (TOEIC, IELTS), and final exams in university,... However at that time in the market, no platform solved his problem. Therefore, the idea of building a complete online examination preparation platform began to dawn in his head.

To be able to bring this idea into reality, he researched and participated in the exam preparation process to gain insight into the difficulties and needs that candidates have. Therefore, he built study materials sharing site called "TopExam Document". Additionally, he realized that technology is the key factor to solving those problems and has spent more than 5 years learning and starting to build this platform in 2019 until now.

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Our vision - Vision, mission and core values

TopExam was born to provide students with a place to practice exams with quality and achieve the highest results for their self-study process. By researching, analyzing, and being creative in applying technology to bring about. We aim to become the leading online examination preparation and mock test platform not only in Vietnam but also globally.

  • Effective. Always putting quality first, we prioritize optimizing relevant algorithms to provide students with an effective learning path according to their level.
  • Up to date. Use and apply the latest technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and ChatGPT to optimize practice methods and bring more benefits to learners.
  • Diversity. Always offer a variety of learning topics so everyone can access and use them.


  • Felix Nguyen

    Founder / FullStack Developer

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